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Lee Supplier PLT (LLP0037572-LGN) was founded in 1998 and is one of Labuan’s first and most well-known fresh and frozen seafood suppliers. Lee supplier has his own fishing boat and supply fresh seafood to the local market on a regular basis. In addition to the local market, we import and export fresh and frozen seafood. We have been able to grow our business into new areas because to our experience managing seafood items. Other types of fresh and frozen food, such as meat and poultry, fruits, and vegetables, and so on, are included. In the year 2006, We have decided to expand its service to include offshore food supply. Lee Supplier have a good reputation for reliability among the world’s largest ship owners and ship management firms, many of which we have serviced for over 15 years.

We are prepared for the future of the marine business by preserving and growing solid ties with our clients after many years of success in Malaysia’s shipping industry.


We are committed to continuously grow our wide portfolio of services. Meeting the supplies demand of all our customers and strive to become one of the most reputable companies in Malaysia.


Our mission is to provide a one-stop supplies need for all our customers. We aim to leverage our wide range of catalogue to provide our customers an easy access to all products ever needed.

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Lee Supplier PLT (LLP0037572-LGN) is one of the leading ship chandler and provision supplier in Malaysia. We have wide range of fresh, frozen, and dry provisions. In addition to food provision, we also supply cabin store, bonded store, chemical and containers.

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